Inflatable. Durable. Ridiculously Portable. 

SJ Paddle Boards Introduces The Oscar 10'6"

SJ Paddle Boards is a Midwestern company with a love of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and a passion to create a board you can bring anywhere.  Our pioneering double layer PVC & drop stitch construction creates an inflatable board that rivals the rigidity and performance of the traditional hard boards, while requiring a fraction of the storage space.

"Why You Need  A SUP In Your Life"  SJ Paddle Boards was recently featured in an online article by Midwest Living Magazine! Click to read. We could not agree more!

Inflatable stand up paddle board for all ages


The Oscar is designed to carry you wherever your SUP adventure is headed.  The universal size and shape is ideal for rivers, lakes or oceans and it's perfect for all types of paddlers.

inflatable paddle boards are rigid


Drop stitch construction and inflation to 12 PSI creates a board sturdy enough to support 230 lbs without sagging. In fact, the Oscar is so rigid, an untrained eye would never know it's inflatable.


Go ahead, bump into the cement pier, paddle straight into the rocks, let your kids jump on it or your dog SUP with you.  
The Oscar's military-grade construction can handle it.

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are portable


The Oscar comes with its own light weight back pack, so you can check it on a flight, hike with it or throw it in your trunk.
No need for a roof rack.


Obsessively Engineered Inflatable SUPs

I enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and I have enough experience to know the difference between a traditional board and an SJ Paddle Board.

It literally travels everywhere with me now. This board is honestly the best board I’ve rode.

Even at 10’6” it handled my 240 lb frame no problem. Very little flex when inflated to around 12 PSI.

Everyone on the trip was a beginner paddler from ages 10 to 70 and, needless to say, everyone fell in love

Despite the constant use over the course of a week, it never once needed to be re-inflated.

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