Why are we determined to bring our customers the best inflatable paddle boards sold on the internet? Well it's kind of a long story...

The idea for SJ Paddle Boards was born out of envy while visiting friends in California and Florida.  Why should they be the only ones enjoying a lifestyle on the water just because they live on the coast?  On a flight back to Chicago we began brainstorming ideas of how to bring this lifestyle home to the Midwest.  We realized SUP (stand up paddle board) was a sport you can do anywhere on any body of water!  Spending an afternoon on a SUP board is not just a great way to exercise and strengthen core muscles, but we truly believe it is a great relaxation tool that helps clear the mind, escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and provide spiritual balance. 

A major road block preventing ownership of a traditional hard SUP in the Midwest is the lack of storage space for a 10 foot board in a garage (or tiny condo downtown which barely fits your clothes).  SJ Paddle Boards is pioneering new ISUP technology that is a true game changer.  Now you can easily pack away your board when the seasons change or bring it with you on your next trip to Mexico!

Our goal at SJ Paddle Boards is to bring our customers a superior product with convenience in mind.  We want to grow the sport of SUP in non-coastal and costal communities alike.  SJ Paddle Boards allows you to bring the lifestyle anywhere in your back pack (back pack conveniently included!).

Arrival of the first prototype was a big step forward for SJ Paddle Boards.

Testing the first prototypes on the beaches of Lake Michigan.