Love it, easy to ride and paddle...lightweight. So transportable with the backpack you can take it anywhere. Great value for the price. I am a beginner to paddling and this board was easy maneuver and feels sturdy; I recommend this board to anyone wanting to try the sport.
— Kelly Vanderploeg, Geneva, IL
"Since I live in Chicago and don't have a car, the ISUP was a must.  Two years ago I bought a RED 12'6" Explorer because I'm a bigger guy and was really happy with it.  I wanted a second board for my wife so I bought her the Oscar 10'6".   As a beginner she loved it right away and felt comfortable on it from the get go.  After a couple weeks I tried the Oscar and immediately understood why.  Even at only 10'6" it handled my 240 lb frame no problem.  Very little flex when inflated to around 12 PSI.  I also prefer the three fin pattern on this board to other three fin boards. Tracking straight is never a problem and is the perfect width for turning with ease.  One thing i overlooked on my first board purchase was the paddle.  The three piece paddle and the travel bag are perfect for traveling by bike or scooter to the beach in Chicago.  Putting a two piece paddle on a bike is no fun.  I even took the Oscar to Puerto Rico in the travel bag.  It literally travels everywhere with me now.  This board is honestly the best board I've rode and I'll be buying a second one for our family for Christmas."  Chris Meyer,  Chicago, IL

"My family and I LOVE these paddle boards.   We used them at our lake house over the summer multiple times.  When I first heard that they were inflatable, I immediately questioned the stability and sturdiness, but as soon as I blew one up and stood on it, I realized that would not be an issue at all.  They are not only incredibly sturdy, but with the rubber grip on the main part of the board, they are also very easy to stand on and balance on.  The boards can be used for multiple activities such as exercise, a casual relaxing paddle around the lake, and teaching your kids to appreciate the simplicities in life.  It doesn’t have to have a motor to be fun!  It was easy to blow up and easy to deflate it to put away when we were done.  We absolutely love the fact that it is so portable!  We didn’t have to leave it 2 hours away, stored at the lake house, and could actually bring it home with us to use in between our visits to the lake house.   It fits nicely into the backpack carrying case for convenience so you can take them anywhere!  I can’t say enough positive things about these boards and look forward to using them again next summer."  

Tiffany Minderman, Geneva, IL


We bought the Oscar 10'6" ISUP to tote with us on a family vacation to a Wisconsin lake house.  Not only was it super convenient and easy to throw in the trunk along with the rest of our luggage but the set up was quick and painless as well.  Everyone on the trip was a beginner paddler from ages 10 to 70 and, needless to say, everyone fell in love with the sport and it got a ton of use all week long. Everyone commented on how they couldn't get over how sturdy it was for an inflatable and, despite the constant use over the course of a week, it never once needed to be re-inflated. Was really stable in choppy waters as well. The quality is great and it is very durable. Hoping to take it out a lot more this coming summer on day trips to local lakes and rivers!

Lisa Kroll, Chicago, IL

"I enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and I have enough experience to know the difference between a traditional board and an SJ Paddle Board.  I have always needed to rent or borrow traditional SUP's for the obvious reasons:  they are big, heavy and awkward outside of the water, and I don't have a large truck or SUV.  SJ Paddle not only solves that problem, but is a great board which adds a ton of flexibility.  The SJ board looks great with an attractive design and nice colors.  It comes with a pump which is very easy and fast to use.  Once the board is pumped up, it feels as firm and as solid as a normal board.  The design is very slick and intuitive to set up and take down. No special instructions or skills are needed.  The additional benefits are a big deal:  First of all it all fits in a backpack when deflated.  One can toss it into the trunk of a a normal or small car.  Or one can backpack with it or ride a bike with it.  I have mine in Key Biscayne, Florida, where I have a condo.  Key Biscayne has multiple areas where one could potentially do SUP, but as with other islands, it can get windy.  I have been on one side of the island where the winds were too high, and biked with my SJ Paddle to the other side of the Island where it was nice and calm.  The Dolphins had done the exact same thing, so when paddling I was able to see numerous dolphins frolicking around. I probably would have given up for the day without the SJ Paddle which deflates and inflates.  Then when it comes to storage when I'm away, it is simple to just put the backpack with the deflated board in the closet or my locker.  Safe and dry for next time I'm able to go out!  The logo and T-Shirt that comes with the order are also very cool with a great design. 

I recommend it highly!"

John Miller, Chicago, IL