Why Buy an Inflatable SUP Over a Traditional Hard Board?

SJ Paddle Boards inflatable paddle board technology provides you with the means to enjoy a truly rigid, durable, and PORTABLE product.  With the Oscar 10'6" you have all the benefits of a traditional hard board along with the new perks of an inflatable.  Stand up paddle boarding is no longer limited to coastal regions or places you can park right by the beach.  Paddle boarding can now be enjoyed anywhere with water, whether it is an ocean, river, lake, retention pond, or above ground pool.  If you can get there, so can your SJ Paddle Board!  

Inflatable Paddle Boards Offer Greater Portability

The ability to quickly deflate a SJ Paddle Board into a backpack gives our customers nearly unlimited storage and portability options. Whether you live in an urban setting with limited storage or need to travel to an exotic location via airplane (sorry not much we can do about baggage fees), SJ Paddle Boards backpacks can easily be transported. Wherever your travels may take you, your SJ Paddle Board will draw attention as people will be shocked to watch your backpack, in the matter of minutes, inflate into a durable and rigid ISUP.

Inflatable Paddle Boards Are More Durable

The Oscar 10'6" has been tested and found to be more durable than a fiberglass SUP.  Fiberglass is prone to cracking and denting.  Think about how often it might be knocked against a concrete dock or possibly hit a rock on the bottom of the river bed, etc.  While conducting our research, surprisingly, a reoccurring complaint we heard was about the damage that took place during the shipping process.  Despite paying expensive freight shipping rates, the boards arrive damaged and/or cracked and had to be returned.  This will not happened with SJ Paddle Boards.  They are amazingly resilient and the military grade PVC material can withstand normal wear and tear without the threat of ruining the board.   You won't need to be nearly as cautious when loading and unloading our inflatable SUP from the water.  

Inflatable Paddle Boards Can Offer More Stability

The Oscar 10'6" Inflatable paddle board is nothing like other inflatable watercraft or floats.  The drop stitch design allows it to be inflated to between 10-12 PSI which is incredibly rigid.  The boards are also 6 inches thick which provides stability you will be amazed with.  The final product is a very firm board that is also easily to navigate in the water. 

Advanced Paddle Board Technology

SJ Paddle Boards uses the latest military grade PVC with drop stitch technology to engineer a durable and stable inflatable paddle board.  The durable PVC and drop stitch construction enables our inflatable stand up paddle boards to be less susceptible, than fiberglass stand up paddle boards, to damage from docks, rocks, sticks, river beds, concrete etc.  The multi-layer construction ensures that minor snags will not cause major leakage and can be repaired with a patch.