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Explorer Approved - The Oscar is ready for your next adventure.  Whether you hike to a remote lake or fly with it to a private island, portability is key.  The durability of Oscar's military-grade construction will also come in handy if you bump into the rocks, bring your dog with or just let your kids jump on it.    

Midwest Company - Born and raised in the Midwest we understand the types of water you want to SUP in.  The boards are tested and used regularly on the Great Lakes, rivers, and smaller local lakes.   

30 day money back guarantee - Buy with confidence, if you are not completely happy, we will refund your money, no questions asked.  

Happy Customers - We know this is a big and exciting purchase.  If you have any questions or issues we are here to answer them.  Can’t figure out the pump, call us.  Lost your fin, call us.  It's what we are here for.  We like our customers happy.