Oscar's Design and Features


Drop Stitch PVC Core Interior

Our high quality drop stitch PVC core interior is the single most important part of the board technology. The drop stitch fabric is the first raw component in any inflatable paddle board and consists of two pieces of Terplun PVC connected by thousands of tiny pieces of fabric. When the board is completed and this fabric is inflated, the thousands of tiny pieces of fabric are stretched and provide the board’s rigidity - similar to a bridge trust connecting the top and bottom of the board. Little known fact: drop stitch PVC technology was first used by the United States military over 60 years ago when trying to develop an inflatable aircraft! 

Double Layered PVC (DLP) Technology

DLP Technology uses a complex process involving bonding agents, heat, and pressure to carefully attach two separate layers of military grade PVC to create extra protection on the vulnerable side rails. Side rails can be the weakest part of an inflatable paddle board and ISUP side rails require extreme caution in construction. Unlike some of our competitors selling lower priced boards, SJ Paddle Boards also includes an extra layer of PVC protection on the top and bottom of our boards.

6 Inch Thickness Provides Stability

Extensive testing revealed 6’’ boards are the ideal thickness for an all around SUP and we typically urge paddle board enthusiasts to avoid 4'' thick inflatable paddle boards (thin boards can be ok for small children). In our opinion, 4'' thick inflatable paddle boards are typically an easy way for manufacturers to lower costs, but 4'' boards are too thin and thin inflatable paddle boards tend to plow water, rather than float on top. The Oscar's 6'' thickness is ideal for anyone looking for a paddle board with maximum rigidity, stability, and maneuverability.

Ergonomic Diamond Groove EVA Deck Pad

Our soft cushioned waterproof EVA deck was designed to improve traction on the board and allow your feet to remain comfortable no matter how long a paddle session. We have used competitor paddle boards with deck pads that have more of a “rubber” deck pad that tends feel slicker. 

Progressive Front Nose Rocker

The front nose rocker helps your inflatable paddle board stay above the water and create that walk on water sensation that we are all striving for. However, one of the most difficult parts of properly constructing an inflatable paddle board is having the expertise to construct a progressive front nose rocker. SJ Paddle Board’s Oscar ISUP design includes a progressive 4-inch vertical front nose rocker. Poorly made flat boards, without an exaggerated front rocker, typically have problems plowing the water (similar to 4 inch thick ISUPs). New paddle boarders should also beware of ISUPs with vertical slanted rockers (not progressive) because this can be another sign of poor craftsmanship.

High Pressure Valve System

The high pressure valve system is designed specifically to retain high pressure volume without leaking. SJ Paddle Boards relies on the industry leader to provide all our high pressure valve systems, but installation of the valve system requires precision craftsmanship in an ultra clean environment.

Large Removable Center Fin and 2 Side Tracking Fins (Skegs)

The Oscar ISUP's fin setup was designed to maximize the paddle boarder's ability to easily control and navigate your SUP while minimizing the undesirable feeling of spinning. The Oscar’s large removable center fin allows flexibility depending on which SUP discipline you are partaking in and two side tracking fins provide impeccable steering capabilities and prevent spinning. SJ Paddle Boards is hyper focused on minimizing the feeling of spinning in all of our ISUPs and during testing we determined boards with only one large fin and no tracking fins tended to spin worse than a 3-fin setup.

High Pressure Pump with PSI Gauge

All our inflatable SUPs come with a high pressure pump with the capability to provide up to 20 PSI of pressureand a PSI gauge to accurately monitor PSI during the inflation process. It typically takes 3-5 minutes, depending on level of effort, to inflate a paddle board with a hand pump (Youtube link). 

Functional Features Galore

No shortcuts here, we strive to make our boards extremely versatile with the ability to succeed in multiple SUP disciplines. Feel free to compare the additional functionality of our boards to competitor boards: 5 D-rings to attach gear or a leash to; cargo net for storing your gear while on the water; thick center nylon handle for easy carrying.